About the Interactive Party Scripts

Bring your audience a fully immersive mystery experience by making them part of the story. Invite them to solve the mystery by mingling with guests, questioning suspects, and studying clues.

Unlike our dinner theatre, these immersive, interactive parties are partially-scripted, partially-improvisation...but the story is still rich and fully-developed - probably more so than a typical play. Audiences learn about the story through multiple avenues, and they piece together the stories and motives by engaging with the characters and with their environment.

NOTE:  These interactive parties offer a truly unique experience that is best done in smaller open-lounge-type venues. We find this works best with no more than 3-6 guests per actor – often capping around 50 for the best experience.

With your performance license, you get everything you need to run a successful event. Your production packet includes:

  • Introduction file, with details on how to run the event
  • Production Overview packet, with character descriptions, backstories, relationship map, evidence and props, and costume suggestions
  • Scripts for the three scripted scenes (introduction, murder investigation, and solution)
  • Character Q&A file, with the list of questions and prompts for each character that should be supplied to patrons, and examples of acceptable answers for the character
  • Templates and examples for the "evidence" (props)

See an example Introduction file, provided as a part of the full Production Packet,.

While there is some flexibility in how the event is produced, we recommend the following format:

  • Act I: Introduction: After all guests have arrived and settled, the Introduction scene is performed. Then guests are invited to mingle and question suspects using the provided prompts/questions, as well as any questions of their own. At the end of Act, the murder victim should slip out of the room (and change into costume for their Act II character.)
  • Act II: Murder Investigation: After the murder victim has been “killed” (i.e. left the room), the Murder Investigation scene is performed. Guests are given their second round of questions/prompts and again mingle and interrogate suspects and look for clues (props). At the end of the Act, guests are invited to cast a ballot on who they think the murderer is. Once ballots are collected, the Solution scene is performed.

Questions may be directed to Stefanie Austin at srb847@gmail.com or you may use our contact form


Licensing fees:

  • Nonprofit/charitable performance: $75 for the first performance and $50 for each additional performance
  • For-profit: $100 per performance

Licensing requests may be made online using this form: Request Licensing for Knock 'Em Dead Scripts

All production organizations must sign a licensing agreement to use the scripts. 

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Available Interactive Party Scripts

Slain at the Speakeasy by Stefanie R. Austin

Synopsis: It’s a typical night at Ruth’s Speakeasy, where you can find the best moonshine and jazz singers in town. Gangsters, crooked cops, businessmen, and rising stars can all be found here, and everyone respects Ruth’s rules of “no business” and “no guns.” However, betrayal, vengeance, and greed threaten the peace, and one person ends up killed. Was it the crooked police chief? The sultry jazz singer? A scorned woman? Find out the secrets and solve the mystery of Slain at the Speakeasy.
Cast: 8-9 (4 m, 4-5 f) 
Setting: Ruth's Speakeasy, 1928
Holiday: NO
Special notes: N/A - see production packet

The Will to Kill by Kari Williamson, Gregg Baptista, & Stefanie R. Austin

Synopsis:Friends and family of the late Edmund Carroll Warren have gathered to hear the reading of his final will. A surprise beneficiary leaves everyone feeling angry and confused. Will it be desperation, betrayal, secrecy, revenge, or fear that drives someone to kill? See you if can solve the murder by questioning the suspects and investigating evidence.
Cast: 8-9 (4 m, 4 f, 0-1 any*) 
Setting: At the will reading of the late Edmund Carroll Warren
Holiday: NO
Special notes: Requires a pre-recorded (scripted) video of one of the male actors. The "lawyer" is typically played by the house/stage manager; it could be played by the same actor as the actor in the video.

Titles Coming Soon

Wanted in the Wild, Wild West by Stefanie R. Austin

Expected Summer 2024
Synopsis: Howdy! Gather 'round at the Dusty Spur Saloon and Inn, where you can enjoy a bottle of sarsaprilla or the company of a young lady. But don't cross Miss Kiity or she'll boot you out faster than you can say "yee-haw!" We hear there's a wanted train robber on the loose and a bounty hunter on his tail - which is sure to lead to some brouhaha. With a saloon full of shady characters, including the "fastest gun in the west" and a snake oil salesman, it's no surprise when one of 'em ends up with a hole in their chest. We invite you to saddle up and join Sheriff Jessie as he tries to pin down who is Wanted in the Wild, Wild West.
Cast: 7 (3 m, 4 f) 

Setting: The Dusty Spur Inn and Saloon, in a small town in the Old West, sometime in the late 19th century
Holiday: NO
Special notes: N/A

Mystery of Murder Hotel by Stefanie R. Austin

Expected Summer/Fall 2024
Synopsis: It's the 1940's, and guests are invited to stay at the Suites of Fonte Belle, better known to most as "Murder Hotel" due to a recent series of deaths, seemingly accidental. Are accidents coincidental, is it a curse, or are they the result of foul play? Mingle with the living and the dead and attempt to solve the mystery of Murder Hotel.
Cast: 9 (5 m, 4 f) 

Setting: Hotel Lounge area of Suites of Fonte Belle, 1944
Holiday: NO, but works well at Halloween
Special notes: N/A

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