Immersive Murder Mystery Parties in Central PA

Looking for an all-inclusive, no work required, unique and fully immersive murder mystery party for your private event? Whether for a conference, birthday celebration, employee appreciation event, housewarming party, holiday gathering, or any other event where you want to impress and entertain your guests, we've got you covered!

Any of our murder mystery parties are available for private parties within the Central PA area. Events outside central PA may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

For an additional fee, we can also create custom scripts and stories for your event with appropriate notice.

What's Included

We provide everything needed for the mystery, including:

  • Professional actors
  • Question cards for all guests
  • Ballots and pens for guests (if desired)
  • "Evidence" (i.e. any props necessary for the mystery)
  • Pre-event information to share with your guests (if applicable)

It is up to the host to choose the venue and provide any other party elements not central to the mystery (e.g. catering, music, etc.). However, for a fee, we can help with arranging these details as well.

Details & Pricing

Parties may last 2-4 hours, depending on the chosen mystery, host preference, and number of guests.

This is an immersive, intimate event. Therefore, we generally ask that you limit your parties to 50 guests or fewer for the best experience. With more guests, we cannot guarantee that our actors will be able to talk with everyone or that everyone will have a chance to view all the evidence.

Pricing starts at $2,500 and varies depending on location, mystery, number of guests, and type of event. Additional fees may be incurred for ancillary costs such:

  • Travel or parking reimbursement (depending on distance from Centre County and parking situation)
  • Any additional party planning assistance requested
  • Unexpected incurred costs (e.g. microphones for large venues)
  • Custom scripts/parties

Of course, we expect hosts and guests to adhere to a code of conduct when interacting with our coordinators and actors. Harassment, assault, and other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

At this time we can only accommodate parties in central Pennsylvania. If you are outside this area and wish to hire us, please reach out to inquire whether we are available.

Hire us!

Ready to hire us? Or do you have more questions? Please out to Stefanie Austin at or submit a contact form

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