About the Dinner Theatre Scripts

The scripts on this page are full-length comedies and they all follow the same general format:

  • Act I (about 50-70 minutes)
  • Intermission w/questioning of characters (and ballots, if desired)
  • Act II (solution scene, about 15-25 minutes)

On this site, you can find a preview of all scripts, which includes the entirety of Act I. If you feel that you need to read the entire script before deciding on licensing, please contact us.

Questions may be directed to Stefanie Austin at srb847@gmail.com or you may use our contact form

Image: Cast of The Final Rose by Stefanie R. Austin, Sock & Buskin Theatre Company, 2024


Licensing fees:

  • Nonprofit/charitable performance: $75 for the first performance and $50 for each additional performance
  • For-profit: $100 per performance

Licensing requests may be made online using this form: Request Licensing for Knock 'Em Dead Scripts

All production organizations must sign a licensing agreement to use the scripts. A full agreement is linked in the request form and can be found here.

Available Dinner Theatre Scripts

Sin-ergy by Stefanie R. Austin

Synopsis: Much is at stake at Synergy, Corp.’s third annual L.E.A.D.E.R.S. conference, but it seems like nothing is going right. Bounced checks, canceled speakers, missing swag bags, a sewage leak…and a dead body. They do say that solving murder is great for team building.
Cast: 8 (4 m, 4 f)
Setting: Corporate conference, present day. Unit set (bare stage possible.)
Holiday: NO
Special notes: N/A

Cutthroat Christmas by Kari Williamson & Stefanie R. Austin

Synopsis: It's the annual Christmas party for Kringle, the gift-giving app company. In addition to the usual festivities - including an ugly sweater contest - the boss is retiring and is expected to name his successor at the party. What should be a merry and joyful evening is tainted by desperation, disloyalty, and....murder. Who's been nice and who's been naughty? Thankfully, one of Santa's elves is here to help solve the mystery.
Cast: 9-12 (3m, 4 f, 1-3 any*, 1-2 child any*) *flexible
Setting: Company Christmas party, present day, December. Unit set.
Holiday: YES; Christmas
Special notes: One version of this script includes a live performance of the song, "Santa Baby." Separate licensing is required and is the responsibility of the production company.

86'ed by Stefanie R. Austin

Synopsis: It’s Valentine’s Day at “Don’s Steakhouse”, a local fine dining restaurant, where the steaks are rare and the stakes are high! Not only is it the busiest night of the year, but a very important guest will be arriving soon, and things must be perfect. As the maître d’ works to keep the restaurant running smoothly, staff keep disappearing for smoke breaks and gossip, someone is stealing tips, and one server thinks the restaurant is her own personal performance space.  And who keeps setting off those firecrackers?! Threats are made, lovers quarrel, and tensions build, leading one person to resort to cold-blooded murder.  As if by fate, an Inspector shows up right on time to help crack the case.
Cast: 7-10 (3 m, 3 f, 1-4 any*) *flexible [3 parts are very minor]
Setting: Fine dining restaurant on Valentine's Day (modifiable), present day. Two sets - Front of house and trash room.
Holiday: YES; Valentine's Day (but can be adapted to other times of year)
Special notes: N/A

Murder in the HOA by Stefanie R. Austin and Kari Williamson

Synopsis: Welcome to Whispering Pines, the picture-perfect neighborhood of your dreams...or nightmares. Quarreling neighbors, pet disputes, and rising rebellions are just the start of the evening. Join us at the annual homeowner's meeting where the HOA Board resolves to end all the conflict...one way or the other.
Cast: 9-11 (1 m, 4 f, 4 any, 0-2 child*) *flexible [1 role is very minor; child roles are optional]
Setting: Annual homeowners meeting, present day, July (modifiable). Simple, unit set.
Holiday: NO, but best done in spring or summer
Special notes:
- Two versions of this script are available to allow flexibility of genders in casting of two of the minor roles.
- There is an interactive element to this script, which asks audience members to repeat a particular phrase whenever said by a certain character.

The Final Rose by Stefanie R. Austin 

Synopsis: In the season finale of "The Catch" - taped in front of a live studio audience - the handsome and charming Brad must choose to propose to either Kelly, the southern "girl from next door," or Miranda, the stunning but vain socialite from a wealthy family. As Brad struggles with the decision, the show is faced with violent threats, affairs abound, and secrets are discovered. At the end of the evening, Brad must had out the final rose...assuming we make it that far.
Cast: 9-12 (3 m, 5-6 f, 0-2 any*, 0-2 child*) *flexible
Setting: The set of the season finale of The Catch, a dating show. Present day. Unit set.
Holiday: NO, but good for Valentine's Day
Special notes: Several versions of this script are available for those wishing to eliminate one of the adult roles, eliminate one of the child roles, and/or change a child role to an adult role. The preview includes the original script with all characters as originally written and produced, which includes 2 child roles.

The Witching Hour by Kari Williamson & Nate Schierman

Synopsis: It’s Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts. The holiday has brought customers into the Spirited Healing Center, but the owners have been struggling financially for months. The Grimore sisters, once very magical witches, have lost their touch and the consequences are angry customers, difficult choices, and the ultimate sacrifice. Will their past come back to haunt them? Will they find a way to keep their business open, or will desperation and disloyalty tear them apart forever? Thankfully, with a little magic, anything is possible.
Cast: 9-11 (4 m, 5-7 f*) *doubling possible
Setting: Reception area and back room of The Spirited Healing Center in Salem, MA. Present Day.
Holiday: YES; Halloween
Special notes: N/A

Titles Coming Soon

Cutthroat Christmas: Deadly Deals by Kari Williamson and  Stefanie R. Austin

Expected Fall 2024
The employees of Kringle are back for more holiday antics and mayhem in this sequel to our popular murder mystery, Cutthroat Christmas. A permanent CEO has still not been named since the murderous outcome of their last holiday party and the competition remains as cutthroat as ever. Will the CEO be Michael, former nepotism-hire trying to prove himself, or Greg, salesman and nice-guy-turned-jerk with a flair for the dramatic? And can we get through the night without another murder? Featuring some of your favorite characters from the last show plus memorable new ones, you'll be laughing nonstop in this wacky sequel. And if you missed the original, don't worry - we'll summarize it all for you and you won't miss a beat! Join us as a potential investor at the Kringle holiday party, where anything can - and probably will - happen.

Slain at the Speakeasy by Kari Williamson based on story and characters by Stefanie R. Austin

Expected Fall/Winter 2024
At Ruth’s Speakeasy, you can find the best moonshine and jazz singers in town. Gangsters, crooked cops, businessmen, and rising stars can all be found here, and everyone respects Ruth’s rules of “no business” and “no guns.” However, betrayal, vengeance, and greed threaten the peace, and one person ends up killed. Follow the detective's story to see if you can piece together the clues and solve the mystery.

87'ed by Stefanie R. Austin

Expected Winter 2024-25
In this sequel to 86'ed, we're back at the newly-renamed Rick's Steakhouse, where the steaks are rare, the stakes are high, and murder is cold-blooded. Your favorite trio - Maeve, Rick, and Grace - are back, along with some new characters and new problems.

Who Wants to be a Murderer? by Stefanie R. Austin

Expected Spring 2025 - We're looking for an organization to debut this script! Please contact us if interested.
Jeb is still hot as he continues on his winning streak on a long-running and wildly popular game show. However, not everyone wants his winning streak to continue. Jealousy, fear, and greed top the list of motives in this funny and interactive "whodunnit" where your audience have the opportunity to be contestants.

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